Braided Women Gathering

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Lou Warren

Lou is a curious and intrepid voyager of life’s oceans – a mother of two, a practitioner in the healing arts for 30 years, a teacher, musician, yogi and a most unlikely tiny house builder. Previously apprenticed to a British druid, she has a deep reverence for the Land as Teacher, and an equally keen appreciation for the sheer unlikely ridiculousness of life; she now calls our South Island, Te Wai Pounamu, home.

Lou's life has repeatedly asked her to step up and find the courage to forge new paths and to challenge the status quo. But never more so than in recent years, when in the midst of significant life changes, she has been required to make a much deeper journey into this mystery, a journey that has challenged and re-written pretty much everything she thought she knew about Courage. It’s from this place of heart-openness and studentship that she will share what she has learned about Dancing in the Flames: about how we might honour the Goddesses of Courage, Surrender, Darkness and Vulnerability.