Braided Women Gathering

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Some call it the Feminine Principle, some say the Divine Feminine or the Sacred Feminine, sometimes it’s called the Power of Yin, the Great Mother or the Goddess, Gaia or Papatuanuku. It has names in many languages, in many cultures, throughout history, all across the world. It echoes through time and space.

This power of many names, lives within every woman. It grows and blossoms and heals whenever women gather together in love and support.

I have experienced this so many times, I know it in my blood. This is why I have shared the vision of this Braided Gathering with those precious ones who are midwifeing it now and bringing it to Life.  Why am I doing this? Because it’s my Calling!

Blessed Be

Anne Gregory


What has drawn me to be part of the creation group?

I constantly see the importance of women sitting in circle, connecting with women, supporting each other.  It is hard to explain this call, this need , this yearning so when the opportunity to join these wonderful creators arose I jumped wholeheartedly into the cauldron of creation.

Women need to sit in circles, not because we need healing, for we are perfect as we are, but because we need replenishment.  Women need to go deep.  Sitting in circle nourishes the soul, the heart and the spirit. I feel seen, held and no longer alone in my feminine power when I sit in circle

There is old ancient magick that is reawakened in a circle of women. 

Slowly it rises as you hear its call,  that voice the whispers, slowly rising in volume till you can silence it no longer.  That call to let go of the mantle forced upon us in so many ways.  The magick is stirring can you hear it?

There is old magick that is spoken in the circles of women.

 The Goddess hears our call as we sit, as we share, as we pour our words, our emotions, our angst into the circles, the cauldrons, the fires she hears us oh women she hears us. All the stories of pain, of anguish, of frustration are weaved into webs of love and support.  Our secret depths ravaged, exposed and finally soothed. 

There is old magick that still exists in the circles of women

It is here now, it is to be honoured, it is for the maiden, the mother, the transmuting women and the crone. It is yours. 
So come step into the circle with me.


I feel there is such an enormous need in our world for women to come together, sit in circle and share their life stories, their wisdom, laughter, tears and so much more.

I consider this a basic need as we are tribal people and need each other.

Therefore, I am willing to put my energy and heart into the birthing of a unique National Women’s Gathering which is so needed in NZ!

It’s surely exciting to be part of the Creation Group to make it happen!



I chose to join the creation group the latest of everybody because of my mother. After hearing about what she was working towards and having my brain picked due to being younger I decided I wanted to be a part of this beautiful creation. I felt that having the view of a young person could also be beneficial and wanted to get my hands stuck in. One year on and I am so happy that i chose to be a part of this beautiful group of women as I have been blown away by the support and love of women gathering together. I never knew such a thing existed in such a powerful capacity and I feel truly blessed that sitting in circle with women is something I have been able to experience and help create.


I sit with a deep calling to be able to share with women from all walks of life to experience the sacred river of the divine feminine that flows deep with in us.

For many years my soul has yearned and called out to other like minded women, so that we can sit in sacred wisdom circles.

To be able to sit in our rawness, to laugh so hard, to sing and dance, play, to come from our heart and be able to witness and hold space and to share can be so rewarding and life changing. 

I feel excited when thinking about experiencing this with women from every curve of the world.

To witness ourselves come back to ourselves is so honouring.

When I daydream I imagine, we are like a beautiful piece of fabric that has been woven by our Great grandmothers and handed down through our female lineage and there will always be more then one thread of Gold.

We carry our female ancestor’s stories and they rejoice with us in circle and they heal as we heal.   

What a blessing we can share as we weave and braid our stories and wisdom as only we can as women.

I am passionate about being amongst a group of like minded women for a few life changing days hoping to inspire us to take our new selves out to the world with a passion and to share this with other women who are called to sit in wisdom circles.

Our mothers, fathers, husbands, brothers and sisters need us.

Mother Earth needs us.

Heal the women and heal the world.

This is why I want to be part of the Braided Woman gathering.


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