Braided Women Gathering

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Kerri's Piece

Posted on 14 March, 2017 at 3:20

Kerri was part of the original creation group. We value her contribution and share her words with you,

I’m involved in visioning and creating Braided Women Gathering because sitting in circle and journeying with women saved my life. So much has come home in me from witnessing and learning from the immense and gritty self-compassion, raw courage, wisdom and strength of women revealing their stories to one another in safely held women’s spaces.

I’m an advocate for the immense potential and power that I see locked within women’s un-shared stories and un-celebrated ways.

I volunteer my time and give of my heart for this project because I’m giving to myself in giving to women what I once received (and still seek). Gathering in the company of women has been an essential leg of my journey in gathering the strength to thrive despite my life beginning and continuing with many unbearable challenges. It has been an essential survival tool as I’ve made space for myself, in my own being, for life beyond incest and horrific physical and family trauma. I have had the opportunity to let myself see and speak the truth of my experience in safely facilitated circles of women. I’ve been safe and seen in my rawest, blindest and most shamed places; the places that I had believed were too ugly to show.

An immense sense of connection and empowerment has come from sharing my stories with women who have had the capacity to love and hold space for me. This has gifted me experiences of overwhelming connectedness and relief from isolation. My deepest friendships, as well as a feeling of unbreakable connection with people whom I may never see again, have come from my life in circle. This authentic reconnection with women, including the ones I will never see again, has been a personal resource from which I have grown many new strengths, and that gift continues.

I have felt the kind of joy and utter untameable laughter that is unique to women. A special healing joy bursts out of me after I have given myself permission to see and feel all that I am and all the feelings and truths that I have contained. I have wept, roared and laughed home my power and I cherish every moment me or any women has the opportunity to drink from this precious well of self –love.

I grow from offering my experience because women and their untapped power bring me hope for the world. Because I have seen that every woman’s effort to become whole makes a powerful positive difference to the whole. I wish to see that power to change become available to every woman, at whatever level she is ready to begin, in whatever capacity. I believe in the journey of every woman, no matter where she starts – for the difference between the history, circumstances and state of heart where I began and now am, is testament to that possibility.

All together we can change our world, bring balance by starting with ourselves. Because the un-tapped power of women’s ways are strengthening and collective, nurturing and honest - feminine ways of being support the whole (in ourselves, our families, communities and our world) and bring integrity, breathe and sweetness back into the fractured, divided and competitive frame that presently stresses our planet and her people.

I have reclaimed my stories, once buried deep within my being. I have dropped my false mask of coping in a world that is hurting women. For my part, I offer Braided Women Gathering as a remedy. The kind embrace of women’s’ knowing hearts is the biggest power I know.


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