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Our Inaugural Gathering - November 11-13 2016

Posted on 10 February, 2017 at 18:35

In November 2016 nestled up in the hill of Mt Thomas with a spectacular view,  at Glentui Medows  the Braided Woman Gathering Creation Group, held space for a wonderful unfolding of our dream, which was to  gather women from all walks of life to be part of a heart felt divine femine women experience. Our   hope was to engergise and inspire  you to go back out into your commmunities and start up your own women's circles.

We  invited some wise women to share their journey, their knowledge and we invited you to do the same.  We came to gather in a safe space with other women.  Once again women gathering in circle was a powerful way to connect, share and grow together in community. We rediscovered that while sitting In circle the importance of honoring each woman’s voice is critical for healing & empowerment. (healing people, planet. world?)

The weekend was amazing, inspiring and uplifting.  It was an honour ot be part of it, not only as part of the creation team but also as a woman connecting with other women. - Dawn

Yes indeed it was truely an honour to be part of this weekend.  The  impact of our gathering I  still carry deeply,  o be able to feel so grounded and heart open in that devine woman energy helps me to feel stronger and empowered, and able to connect  to  my authentic loving self.  This has helped me feel whole and happier and has inspired me to carry on being  part of many more Divine Woman Gatherings in the future. - I really enjoyed holding the energy and meeting so many wonderful women.  There are days where I just need to remember and I go back to that beautiful feeling. It is so inspiring to see that other circles have been created  from our big weekend.   -  Sharon

The food was plentiful, nurishing and delicious, the kitchen crew of Tarn, Kerryn, Tanette, with help from Tane and Emi did an outstanding job.  The amazing support crew who kept the place clean, including the massive clean up at the end, keeping the fire stoked through out the weekend, and to the wonderful venue hosts Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, we were all truly blessed.

We all really enjoyed being creative and making art works that held the divine feminine energy  to help beautify your surroundings. We loved sharing  and recieving your appreciation of them.

A large part of the weekend was our Wise Women Speakers. We were truly blessed with the wisdom and inspiration from both Jane Catherine Severn and Cameron Tukapu. Included below is the information on their talks and links to their websites.

Jane Catherine Severn - Intro to my talk

Throughout the records of human history, be they geographical, biographical, literary, artistic or scholarly, lies a strange and telling silence. Absent from almost every chronical, even the intimate journals, memoirs and autobiographies of women, is any mention of that most essential feature of feminine life – our everyday experience of the universal/personal sequence of Menarche, Menstrual Cycles, Menopause and Mature Life. With occasional exceptions in Anthropology, the only acknowledgement generally made of the existence of these uniquely feminine phenomena are in Religion, Medicine and Psychology, where they are invariably presented as pathological and problematic – disruptive of “normal” life.

Indeed so invisible has our definitive feminine 4M sequence become that we do not even have a name to call it by. And so accustomed have we become to the silence-about-ourselves in which we live, that we do not notice it is there – because we have internalised it! How have we become so obedient to society’s demand – and sadly, even to Feminism’s demand – that we agree to live as if our 4 M’s were not occurring? That we measure our success and our right to claim equality with men by the extent to which we can deny that our hormonal changes have any effect on us, and prevent them from “getting in the way” of the busy lives we want to lead? That we do not count this denial as a cost to us, because we have long forgotten what it is we are excluding from our sense of ourselves?

If we are to bring back the authentic and authoritative presence of The Feminine to a world desperately in need of it, we must have words to speak into this silence, a name for what has too long been unnamed. We must now re-cognise the potent, purposeful, intricate and elegant design of our lifelong, hormonally-orchestrated energetic matrix, expressed in every woman through her 4M sequence. We must know what it is we are made of, and part of.

To find the redemptive Holy Grail of The Feminine once again we must search in the place we would least expect to find it. For it is there, hidden in plain sight in the very parts of ourselves we have been taught to disparage, distrust and disallow. There, in the ordinary, daily, bodily and personal reality of being woman, lies a shining treasure we have been taught to ignore. Now is the time, here is the place, we are the ones to wake ourselves up from the sleep that does not know it is asleep and remember what we have been taught not to know.


Jane Catherine Severn - Bio

Jane Catherine Severn is a practising Psychotherapist, Pascha Therapist and Menstruality Educator based in Christchurch, Aotearoa (New Zealand). Inspired by poetry, music and the wild outdoors, Jane Catherine is most at home in remote mountains. Her spirituality and philosophy are sourced in her love of and reverence for Nature.

As a young woman deeply unimpressed with her experience of menstruation, Jane Catherine found her life radically altered in her early 20s by the accidental discovery that menstrual cycles matched the phases of the moon. Awoken and energised by this one fragment, she embarked on what was to become her life’s mission: to find the rest of the knowledge she was convinced must exist about the true design of women. Realising that what she searched for could not be found in conventional sources of knowledge, she developed her own special approach to discerning the purpose of women’s lifelong sequence of hormonal changes, far beyond our accustomed medical/reproductive understanding. In 2003 she established Luna House as the vehicle through which she could teach the profound and comprehensive body of knowledge she has created. Her Conscious Menstruality® workshops, courses and seminars offer a new view of Menarche, Menstrual Cycles, Menopause and Mature Life to women, girls and the men who love them. Luna House is an educational and therapeutic service also offering individual consultations and support.

Jane Catherine is a writer preparing to publish the Conscious Menstruality® knowledge in book form. Her hope is to return this knowledge to its rightful owners, all women and girls across the world, in as many forms as she can.



Cameron Tukapua - The Power of Yin 

Yin and yang represent two faces of the energy of life. Yin is likened to the Moon and the Earth, its power is magnetic, grounding and often hidden. Yin is a state of being, compared to yang, which is more about doing. Relatively speaking Yin is a quieter energy, she responds to listening and connecting through feeling.

Yin in the body is related to the structure of life itself and manifests as the essence stored deep in the bones. This essence provides the foundation for bone and blood production and is used to create foetus and the baby. Throughout our whole lives Yin informs our development cycles from pregnancy and conception to puberty, maturation, menopause and death. Mobilizing our Yin power naturally supports us to bring out full potentials to life.

Yin energy is a hidden power. It doesn’t need to make itself visible, yet deep down it is always available. Tapping into this reservoir of power we discover our personal access to deep strength, wisdom and nourishment. Like the power of the ocean it has cycles of change. Yin rises in women every seven years, bringing with it the capacity to transform and grow beyond our conditioned self. At these cycles of change we can claim more of our true nature which can often be lying dormant in the depths of our blood.

Yin is feminine energy which is about cooperation, harmonizing, unifying, supporting, nourishing and care for the whole. It is Earth Mother energy. I believe our great mother is calling women everywhere to step up and help steer the transformations of the time.

Cameron Tukapua - Bio

Cameron has been practicing Chinese medicine and meditation for three decades. Part of her practice has been to use words as medicine, empowering people to understand themselves in context of their larger life possibilities. Cameron has a grounded approach to spirituality, and offers teaching through retreats, individual sessions and short courses in Australia, China and NZ. She is part of a global group called You being you, developing online courses and events which encourage healing conversation about how to be real. She is author of Opening Up – a conversation about how to be real. Historically, Cameron was owner – principle of the original Christchurch College of Holistic healing (NZQA registered). In her roles as professional development trainer, retreat leader, teacher and practitioner she has supported healing change in the lives of many.

To balance life she aims to have fun  swim in the ocean as much as possible have many delicious meals with loved ones, and tries not to take herself too seriously. and

We look forward to connecting with you all at the future gatherings

The Creation Group


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